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The Swish Insider: Winter Collection Teaser
The first drop of the Winter ‘2020 Collection is just about to hit the stores. On this exciting occasion, we interviewed Anita Carmody (the founder and Managing Director of Swish) and got her to spill the beans about what we can expect.
The ultimate Christmas gift ideas guide [2019]. 5 handy ideas perfect for women!
Ran out of Christmas gift ideas? Not with Swish!
Feel free to show our handy guide to your husband, your kids or... even treat yourself this Christmas holiday.
All presents are shoppable online and can be delivered to your doorstep in no time.
The Swish Insider: Anita Carmody on staying true to the Australian made ethos
Nowadays it’s pretty hard to come across a brand supporting the Australian economy. In today's The Swish Insider, we grilled Anita Carmody (the Swish Fashion Managing Director) about the challenges of running a locally owned and operated fashion label on...
The Swish Insider: Lovely Lea from Swish Hyde Park
In today’s Swish Insider issue, we’re paying a visit to Hyde Park, SA, a leafy and intimate yet located close to the city neighbourhood in Adelaide.
The Swish Insider: meet the "Swishettes" from Malvern!
In today’s Swish Insider issue, we visit our bridgehead in Victoria. 
They say “two is better than one”, therefore for the very first time in The Swish Insider, we have the chance to chat with both Elizabeth and Anita who together for years have run the Swish store in Malvern, just 8 km outside of Melbourne’s CBD. 
The Swish Insider: drop by Swish Armidale store and say Hi to Norma and Jeanette!

In today’s Swish Insider issue, we’re heading straight to Armidale, NSW, to interview 1/2 of the local Swish Fashion team run by the dynamic sister duo: Norma and Jeanette. 

Say hello to Norma (the Armidale store manager), who was happy to answer a couple of questions about her journey on board with Swish.

The Swish Insider: meet Julie from the Wagga Wagga Swish store!
In today’s Swish Insider issue, we’re moving to Wagga Wagga, NSW, a charming inland city in the Riverina region which straddles the banks of Murrumbidgee River. 
Lucky for us, Julie, the Swish Wagga store manager didn’t mind answering a couple of questions as well as revealing her fav Swish picks. 
The Swish Insider: say hi to Bubbles from the Bowral Swish store!
In today’s Swish Insider issue, we grill Bubbles from Bowral Swish store, a local patriot at heart. 
We discuss the charming town of Bowral and its surroundings, as well as Bubble’s fav picks from the Swish store. 
7 tricks on how to nail prints and patterns in the plus-size wardrobe.
Here are 7 tips and tricks on how to nail prints & patterns in the plus-size wardrobe. From now on, you don’t have to choose between bold and beautiful.
The Swish Insider: Meet Marianne From The Manuka Store!
In today's Swish Insider issue we'd like to introduce to you our lovely Marianne who's successfully managed the Swish Manuka store since it was opened in March. Marianne reveals the hidden gems of Manuka, her all-time favourites from the Swish store and much more...
The Swish Insider: Anita Carmody spills the beans about the Summer Collection
Be the first to see the exclusive teaser of the Summer collection at Swish!
Anxious to know what the Summer collection at Swish Fashion will look like? Anita Carmody, the owner and founder of Swish, spills the beans about the upcoming arrivals, tell us all about what it takes to put a fashion collection together and gives away her favourite Summer stories and products. 
The Swish Insider: interview with Anita Carmody - founder, owner and managing director of Swish Fashion Clothing
Anita Carmody, the founder and owner of Swish tells us all about the early days in the fashion industry, the origin of the name and reveals her fav Winter picks. Not to be missed.
The Swish Insider: Meet Chrissie, Our Irreplaceable Online Store Manager!
Get behind the scenes of your beloved online fashion store as Chrissie Harris, our Online store manager unravels the details of what happens to your order: from the moment you place it to the moment you have it delivered to your doorstep. Check out the exclusive interview here:
The Swish Insider: meet Karina from our Mosman store team!
Swish Insider is a brand new series of articles introducing the one-of-a-kind Swish Team member!
5 winter essentials every plus size woman should have
Here are the 5 winter essentials every plus size woman should have. Complete this list, and your wardrobe will last a lifetime, pinky promise.
5 last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas
In case Mother’s Day crept up on you (again) and caught you by surprise (how is that even possible third year in a row?), fret not! This handy list of 5 last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas will save your life.
An Outfit Guide for the Mother of the Bride
Way back when, mothers of the bride were seen in ‘sensible’ style silhouettes and bland palettes of beige. Luckily for you, matronly dresses are no more! Instead, feel free to ignore the sensible rules of the past, and discover a...
The Bottom Half Beauties You Need in Your Closet
As a plus size woman, you’re often told what you should and shouldn’t wear. Finding flattering pieces can be tough, especially if you aren’t a ‘pants’ kind of woman. If you’re stuck in old skirt loving habits (we do still...
Transitional Plus Size Pieces for Autumn
You’re well and truly into the midst of summer and loving it. Before you know it though, autumn will roll around and you’ll be crying into your summer dresses as you pack them away for another year… or will you?...
How to Master Plus Size Style
As you’ll know, plus-sized clothing is limited, especially at high-end designer stores and department stores. It’s not something we like to admit, but when it comes to plus sized fashion, finding stylish, trendy and fashionable options that go past a...
5 Plus Size Basics You Need to Invest In
Although we love following trends, there’s nothing better than adding the staple items of clothing to your wardrobe, knowing that you’re going to wear them time and time again. The feeling of hitting check out is all the more satisfying...