5 winter essentials every plus size woman should have

Well, it’s a quarter to winter, everybody!

We’ve been through every stage of grief: denial, anger and bargaining but it’s about time we faced this cold fact: summer truly is long gone and autumn is about to follow in its footsteps. Instead of mourning every single balmy evening and every pair of sandals we had to say goodbye to, let’s wipe away the tears and focus on the new challenge: completing the evergreen winter wardrobe.

Here are the 5 winter essentials every plus size woman should have. Complete this list, and your wardrobe will last a lifetime, pinky promise.

1. Winter coat

Windproof and cozy, a winter coat is a smart long-term investment as nothing can really beat its versatility. Just throw it over literally anything, button up and start your daily battle with morning chill on the front foot.


winter coats

2. Evergreen cardigan

You can have it black and basic. You can have it bold and blue - whatever feeds your soul and warms it up throughout the chill.

Winter outfits are all about layers. Layers will keep you not only warm but also stylish. Luckily, a humble cardigan is the highest form of layer known to the humankind.

Plus, it will make you look nonchalant in no time.

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3. Checkerboard pants

As we had to let go of our favourite linen bottoms, soon we've found ourselves under the new reign: checkerboard print is the new black. Swish, warm and comfortable at the same time.

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4. Versatile vest

Sleeveless and stylish. A classic vest is another soul-warming and attention-grabbing cornerstone of the winter wardrobe.

Feeling lavish? Choose suede.

Feeling outdoorsy? Go with quilted.

Who would guess that a humble, inconspicuous vest can cater for so many needs?

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5. Long-sleeved striped top

The missing puzzle and the Holy Grail of every wardrobe, year-round. Just when you think a piece of clothing can’t get any versatile, a basic striped top appears out of thin air and knocks all the competitors down.

Sure, it won’t be the most appropriate choice for an anniversary dinner, but it will get you through your daily grind in a fashionable way.

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