7 tricks on how to nail prints and patterns in the plus-size wardrobe.

Always been a declared prints & patterns lover but were too shy to wear them with pride? Stop right here, sister. Regardless of your age and/or curves, there’s always a way to introduce more boldness to your wardrobe.
We, at Swish Fashion, believe that prints and patterns were designed for one thing: to make you emerge and shine. No matter age, size, complexion, curves or no-curves. From now on, you don’t have to choose between bold and beautiful.

Still feeling reluctant? Try googling Iris Apfel, she’s in a class of her own. If she can’t convert you to wearing patterns, no one can.

Here are 7 tips and tricks on how to nail prints & patterns in the plus-size wardrobe.

1. Flower patterns, the unavoidable...
Fashion has always been inspired by nature... and the floral print is always a safe option to bring colour and relief to an outfit. Small or oversized, tropical or romantic, printed or embroidered, this timeless pattern just suits every woman at every occasion.

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Field of flowers tunic

2. Match to success
It’s a good idea to match your complexion and hair colour with what you wear. The more expressive your beauty is, the bolder you can feel free to dress.
Darker-haired Venuses will steal the spotlight when adorned with contrast, geometric patterns and vivid colour, whereas ethereal blondes are born to wear pastels, florals and small stripes.
PS: don’t be a slave to the rule. Your comfort should always come first.

China Doll Jacket (NEW ARRIVAL):

3. C is for Cleavage
Another successful way to wear prints & patterns is to remember about the c-word. Cleavage can work miracles and serve as a secret weapon in your wardrobe.
A deeper V-shape cleavage will create a space between your face and the outfit which means it won’t eclipse your overall look. A long necklace or a flowing jacket is also a good idea.

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4. The abstract, a timeless option 
Let's just be creative and arty! The abstract prints and patterns do not follow any rules. it is simply an invitation to freedom through a garment. Find this feeling in this stunning vivid shirt!

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5. Animal print, the low risk!
From the influencers on Instagram to a Vogue editorial… the animal print definitely feels like a second skin these days.
Fashion-wise, you can tame the beast with a classic jacket.

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6. When in doubt, wear B&W.
This goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: combine black and white for a perfect coupling which will always be fantastic together.

Our Zig Zag Leaf story, designed for Summer '19 Collection is as beautifully blended as an outfit can get.

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BONUS: 7. Keep the accessories simple and tasteful.
Sometimes even a humble bracelet is enough.
Less is more… unless you’re Iris Apfel, of course.

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