An Outfit Guide for the Mother of the Bride

Way back when, mothers of the bride were seen in ‘sensible’ style silhouettes and bland palettes of beige. Luckily for you, matronly dresses are no more!

Instead, feel free to ignore the sensible rules of the past, and discover a range of plus size styles and guidance that make mother of the bride attire more fashionable than it’s ever been before.

Although it’s great having so many plus size options, dressing for such an incredibly poignant moment in your family’s life means that they can actually feel incredibly overwhelming. No need to worry though ladies, the style experts at Swish are here to save the (big) day.  

Whether you're the mother of the bride yourself or a bride who's looking to help your favourite woman find the right look for your special celebrations, keep reading for a little guide that’ll put the fun back in to your search.

Follow Colour Cues from the Rest of the Wedding Party

If you’re struggling to narrow down your options, it makes sense to take colour cues from the rest of the wedding party. Once your daughter has picked out bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, you can start to think about what you’d prefer. Whether you and your daughter decide a gown in a similar or complementing hue will work best, or you’d prefer to stand out in quite the opposite, it’ll give you some guidelines to work with.  

Allow your Bride to be Your Guide

For once, your daughter is ‘in charge’ (although bridezilla mode is unacceptable!). Follow her cues about style and colour and go shopping and browse online to get an idea of what you both agree will work. Since the bride and groom set the tone on how formal the event is, you’ll want to make sure you look the part and your very best, no matter what.

From all out-glam in a gown to a chic and elegant dress with a matching jacket, we’ve got you covered. Our favourite? The sequins lace dress and matching lace jacket in a striking emerald green embellished fabric – elegant yet effortless.

Fit the Venue

When it comes to finding your outfit, there are a few factors you need to take in to account. From dressing appropriately depending on the season, to cultural customs and the actual venue itself, whatever you decide, keep it classy, appropriate and sophisticated. From summer floral styles for country weddings, to feminine lace jackets in rich hues for winter celebrations, there’s plus size style to suit every type of wedding and mother of the bride.

Choose a Style to Suit You

Women often panic when important events come around, ending up in styles that they don’t feel comfortable in. Often, many mothers overlook themselves, opting for one of the first styles that they see so that they can focus solely on their daughter. As giving as that is, remember that it’s an extremely special day for you too. Take your time and try on a number of different styles, from A-line silhouettes to fit and flare gowns, wearing a style with confidence is what will really shine through.

If you’re in need of plus size mother of the bride outfits and ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Browse through the collection of elegant dresses at Swish; perfect for watching your daughter exchange her vows and dancing the night away.