Spring is the season to plant new beginnings and a time to let the unsung heroes of our wardrobes stand out and shine.

Spring is the season to plant new beginnings and a time to let the unsung heroes of our wardrobes stand out and shine.

Spring cleaning our wardrobes, as with all fresh beginnings, begins with the first step of digging out the old, to make way for the new.

But why does this feel so good?

It's simple, I hear you say, 'everyone knows fashion heightens your everyday life and gives you a certain spark of joy, a certain wiggle in your walk - that healthy sense of self appreciation - where the world's your oyster, because, you know you look good'.

Studies show that when your wardrobe is clean and decluttered, your mind is clearer.

How much simpler it is to choose an outfit, when all the options and distractions have been eliminated.

Our minds and our wardrobes, like calm and simplicity, the simple ease of knowing everything has a place in your wardrobe and in your life.

There is a sense of reliable order - things, special things, like that favourite Spring purchase - like the 31001 Pink Forest Shirt - I would love to have this piece hanging front and centre in my wardrobe, devoid of all the clutter, within grasp and starting-block-ready, for tomorrow mornings, dash out the door.


Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 6.55.58 pm


Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 6.56.10 pm
This piece is so versatile, to wear throughout all of our changing seasons. In Spring and Summer, I will wear this with gold strappy sandals, or tan, depending on my mood. And as a brunette, I will wear the Pink Forest Shirt, unbuttoned over a navy slip and navy straight-legged-trousers.
I can easily see myself reaching for this piece, next autumn and winter, wearing it as a welcome bolt of colour over my black staple layers.

This is my stand-out hero-piece this season.

MY Top 5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe and doing it well.

1. Throw it all on your bed.

You need to see all of your wardrobe. Once everything is all out in the open on your bed, you are ready for step two.

2. Put all your clothes into piles, immediately!

A sense of urgency is helpful. It is too easy to hug onto old favourite pieces, clothing you may no longer fit or haven't even worn for over a year or more.

It is too easy to get too sentimental and hold onto warm, worn, fuzzy loved wardrobe pieces BUT, now is not the time. Now is the time to cull and categorise.

If you are really unsure of some pieces put them to the side in a maybe pile. Revisit this pile at the end of your decluttering and be courageous and bold. Cull, toss, repair or donate.

3. Replenish your energy levels.

Spring cleaning is hard work!

Whether you spring cleaning your wardrobe on your own or with a friend - sometimes its great to have a second pair of eyes, a friend to help you edit,a friend to offer a second opinion.

Keep your energy levels high and keep some snacks and water on hand. To celebrate a successful and hard days work spring cleaning, have a bottle chilled and at the ready.
Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.46.11 pm

4. Write a list

Now you can begin taking note of what pieces are missing from your wardrobe and note what pieces need to be replaced or repaired.

Or perhaps you have too many black camisoles - on closer inspection you realise only
two are in good order. Take note and plan your shopping excursions.

5. Let the fun begin!

Spring cleaning should only happen once a year - so stay focused, stick to your list and when you hit the shops, stick to your plan.

Your mission here is to stick to your list and buy the pieces you have noted are missing - your mission is not to go out and replace everything that you have culled, donated or tossed out.

With a fresh organised wardrobe you can shop all the new season trends to transform and upgrade your wardrobe, with calm and stylish ease.

Happy Spring!



Written by Simmon Wagner, a Freelance Writer, Fashion Journalist, Professional Movie Critic, Nationwide Australian Style Writer, Yogini and Founder of theloveauthentic, https://theloveauthentic.wordpress.com/. Curious and trained as a Journalist, Private Investigator and Fashion Designer, writing her first psychological thriller novel.

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