The Swish Insider: Meet Chrissie, Our Irreplaceable Online Store Manager!

Hello Chrissie, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? How long have you been working for Swish Fashion and what is it exactly that you do?  Please tell us a couple of words about you, we’d like to know more about a member of the Swish Team.

Hi, my name is Chrissie Harris and I have been working with Swish for nearly 20 years.

I have been honoured and privileged to work alongside the creator of Swish, my talented and beautiful sister Anita.
I have had many enjoyable roles with Swish throughout the years (I was even the model in our early days) and consider myself a bit of a "I can help you with that" staff member... but my role today is to manage the Online Sales and I am also the Queensland agent for Swish Wholesale.

Can you please tell us more about what’s going on behind the scenes of a fashion online store, from uploading the product to the moment it’s shipped to the (hopefully, satisfied) customer?

Well, believe it or not, there is quite a little process that goes on to fill an order.

Firstly there is the designing of the Swish garments which takes months to do. This is then followed by the photoshoot, which is normally over 2 very full and very lengthy days.

Once the product is in store, these photographs are then uploaded to the Online store and I then write all the descriptions and care instructions e.t.c., arrange the coordination of these photos so they present with a visual flow that hopefully is pleasing to the eye.

Once our customer has placed their Online order it is emailed through to me. I then look through the stock that is being held at our 8 individual Swish stores to see who can best fill the order (this can sometimes be from multiple stores). The order is sent to those stores who in turn carefully wrap and mail out the garments. The stores then send me through the tracking number/s, and I email the customer these Postal trackings.

I handle the paperwork of all the returns whether it be for an exchange or refund.
Following up on any Online inquiries emailed through to me is very important and taking all Online phone inquiries for customers requiring assistance and happily placing the Online order for them if so desired.
Lastly and most happily, one of the services we love to provide Online and in our stores is to help advise our Swish customer on styles and fits that will best flatter their individual shape.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

For me, to be honest, the job has its wonderful challenges as all jobs do, so I just need to address them as they come up, try to solve the issues as quickly as possible and move through it with a smile.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had as a member of the Swish Fashion Team?

Sharing ideas with my sister (Anita Carmody, the founder and owner of Swish Fashion) and the love and vision that she holds for Swish.

Once you’re done for the day, what do you do after work? Are you more of an outdoorsy type or do you prefer to stay in?

I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren (not all here with me in Brisbane), but need I say more with what I do with my spare time? ;)
The one special thing I do love to do for me is to take myself off early in the morning for a serene bushwalk, with a warm cup of Cacao and sit amongst nature, experiencing just being in the silence and calmness of it all, whilst the sounds of the bush echo through your mind... this is my bliss moment, my time to regroup and regenerate.

Last but not least: your favourite picks from the Swish Fashion Store are…

These are some of my favourite garments I have in my wardrobe this winter - as a lover of black, these 4 garments for me are my go to pieces.
The Citrus knit and the Magenta jacket both add just that little burst of colour to my base of black. The knits are a soft, warm light weave and for me are perfect jumpers for under-layering with these jackets.

Shop Chrissie's picks here:

Basic knitted citrus jumper:


2. Magenta waterfall wool jacket:

3. V
ersatile black wind jacket:

4. Basic Knitted Jumper: