The ultimate Christmas gift ideas guide [2019]. 5 handy ideas perfect for women!

With December upon us, as cliché as it sounds, Christmas really is around the corner. And so is the gift shopping frenzy.

If you belong to the Christmas preppers tribe and have the gifts for your loved ones purchased, neatly packed and stashed in a secret place a year in advance - good for you. But truth be told, 90% of the population is starting to wrap their minds around the Xmas presents rather later than sooner… hence the inevitable abundance of the unwanted gifts ads on Gumtree in January. 

In order to spare you this awkward situation, simply follow our useful gift ideas guide.  
Feel free to suggest it discreetly to your husband, show it to your kids, bestow a gift on your best friend or... even treat yourself this Christmas holiday. 

ll presents are shoppable online and can be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

1. SWISH GIFT VOUCHER - If the person you’re trying to shower with gifts has a very specific taste you don’t want to interfere with, you can always give her the gift of giving. 
Gift cards are perfect for any Swish Fashion lover as your recipient will be able to purchase anything on the website with it, basics to evening wear. After your purchase, you will receive a digital gift card with a special code that you can share with the recipient on a Christmas morning. 

Sweat-free, no-fuss, 100% Swish. 
You can purchase the voucher here:

Christmas 2019 gift ideas guide Swish gift voucher

2. A PEARL NECKLACE - They say diamonds are girl’s best friends… but pearls will actually do a pretty good job, too. Make your wife, mum or sister look like a Vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring with one of our pearl jewellery sets.

Christmas 2019 gift ideas guide jewellery

3. NIGHTWEAR - A healthy dose of beauty sleep starts with fashionable sleepwear.
As comfy as they may seem, say no to baggy, stretched-out PJs because every woman deserves all the best, all day (and night) long. 

You can find our nightwear here:


Christmas 2019 gift ideas guide

4. QUALITY LINENS - Linen garments are always a good idea (unless you’re going for a Christmas holiday to Europe, you should opt for some snuggle jumpers then). In the very likely event of spending your holidays in the close proximity of a beach, breathable and airy linens will feel like the most desired choice. 

Make sure to check out our linen range:

Christmas 2019 gift ideas guide
Christmas 2019 gift ideas guide

5. A FESTIVE DRESS - Probably the riskiest option but as they say: no effort, no gain.
What better occasion than Christmas to stock up on a lavish, luxurious dress you've always wanted to have but hesitated to purchase?
Alternatively, just let your partner or your family take you shopping and together choose the dress to impress.

Browse Swish dresses range: