5 last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas

Of all the people in the world, our dearly loved Mums are the ones who most definitely deserve to be cut some slack and showered with the impossible amount of not only kind words but also acts of kindness.
In case Mother’s Day crept up on you (again) and caught you by surprise (how is that even possible third year in a row?), fret not! This handy list of 5 last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas will save your life.
Some of them are basically costless but the not-completely-free ones wouldn't pillage your wallet either. Even if Mother’s Day was celebrated once a week (it should though, shouldn’t it?).

1. Take your Mum out shopping for evening wear with our -20% off Mother’s Day Sale!

Maybe your Mum has a big event lurking just around the corner. Or maybe she hasn’t bought herself a million-dollar looking dress in ages.
This weekend you have the unprecedented chance to make her look like the belle of the ball as we introduce you to our Mother’s Day sale. Pop into our online Swish Fashion store on Saturday and Sunday (11&12/05) for more tempting details.  

mothers day sale

2. Make her a dinner

Of course, you can always take the easy way out and book a table at someplace nice but here's the thing: by the time you’re reading this, all the fine dining restaurants are very likely to be fully booked.

Yes, a home-cooked gourmet meal that your Mum didn’t actually have to cook will cost you more time and effort, but if you want to prove that you genuinely care - that’s one way to do it.

3. Plan a movie night.

Remember all those times when you refused (firmly yet politely) to go to the movies with your Mum just because you wanted to see The Avengers and she wanted to shed some happy tears while watching Bridget Jones?
Now you can repent for your sins. Rent a bunch of top-rated romantic comedies and stay in. Just you, your Mum, a bottle of Merlot and a bottomless bag of popcorn.

4. Do the laundry.

And then fold the laundry. Vacuum the floor. Wash her car. Clean the windows. Basically, any household chore will do if you do it without asking and whining, for a change.

5. Give her something handmade

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like the blisters on your fingers from your first attempt of baking heart-shaped cookies. Another advantage: as a war hero, you’re more likely to deserve special gratitude. There’s an abundance of costless DIY gifts ideas all over the internet, so just roll up your sleeves and get on with it.

But you may as well stick to the idea #1: Mother’s Day sale is coming this weekend in a Swish Fashion store!