The Swish Insider: meet Karina from our Mosman store team!

Hello Karina, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? How long have you been working in the
Mosman Swish store? Please tell us a couple of words about you, we’d like to know more about a member of the Swish Team.

Hi, my name is Karina Kelly, I have been in the clothing industry all my working life, which is nearly 50 years!

I first became aware of Swish brand when I bought it for my own shops and was asked by Anita (Carmody, the owner) to be the fit model.

I always said she should open up stores, her reply was “when you give up your stores, we will”, so ten years ago that became a reality.

Can't believe Swish Mosman is turning ten!

10 years, that’s impressive! Who are your customers and what do you like the most about them? Are they mostly from Mosman or do they come from all over the city?

We have a wide range of customers from our country girls to all over the city and interstate. Many of our customers buy at several stores which is nice and it shows all the staff give great service.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had as a member of the Swish Fashion Team?

I have had the great privilege of opening many of the Swish Stores, meeting nearly all the girls employed over the years and many of us are still the original staff, that says something for the spirit in Swish!

Once you lock the door of the Swish Mosman store, what do you do after work? Are you more of an outdoorsy type or do you prefer to stay in?

I live on the beautiful central coast, 11/2 hrs from work, that tells how much I enjoy working for Swish.

I love to cook for friends and family, they often spend the weekend and we love to swim and go for walks along the lake.

So what is your favourite piece from our Swish Fashion collection? If you could take only one item to a desert island, what would that be?  

I am known for my love of our jersey range, so it would have to be one of our versatile camis!