The Swish Insider: Winter Collection Teaser

Hello Anita, lovely to talk to you again!
Even though it’s the middle of the Australian summer, the fashion industry never sleeps... so we’re here to talk about the upcoming Winter 2020 collection.  

Can you spill the beans and tell us what can we expect as the first drop is just about to hit the stores? Go ahead and feel free to tease us!

First and foremost, we have a lot of beautiful new fabrications that suit our climate. That goes from trans-seasonal for those from the warmers climates in Australia and New Zealand, right through to lined wool jackets and knitwear, so we have this diverse range of products that will be suitable for everybody!

When did you start working on the new designs and where did you seek the inspiration from?

We started working on the new designs six months prior to its launch last August, so basically from March on I fully commit to the next collection.

The process is rather complex and it includes viewing fabrics, travelling overseas to look for the inspiration and sourcing our fabrics as well. It also means looking online for what people actually wear on the streets and trying to make sure that we’re targeting our audience well by doing the research. The online survey we conducted among our customers gave us a lot of valuable hints and direction as well.

The other thing we get the insights from are our stores’ managers who send us back a detailed report on all of the best-sellers and the things the customers want to see (as well as things they don’t want to see) in the new collection. With all those things considered, that formulates what goes in the collection next time as well.



What colours and fabrics will take over the Winter Collection?

The Winter Collection always has a snuggly feel and we like to use tactile fabrics that feel really nice to wear when you put them on.

Winter is also a much more user-friendly season because most of the fabrics don’t crush so there’s virtually no ironing involved which women like a lot these days :)

We don’t limit the colour range to muted hues only. The colours are muted right through to brights because our target audience love colour and we’re always trying to make sure we give them what they want.

What about the cuts and styles? What the fuller-figured Australian women can expect in that matter?

We do review our best-sellers and try and give back what we believe the customers expect, which is our great block, shapes and fits. We often revisit them but in new fabrications.

But on the other hand, we always try to put in a certain element of newness and freshness which is what we’ve done with different jacket and top shapes this time. We’ve also done some interesting experimenting with pants.

In short words, our goal is to improve with each season. Which means there’s always some element of freshness while revisiting our best-sellers.




As a mother of the winter collection, do you have any favourites among the new designs?

Tough choice! 



The first drop of the Swish Fashion Winter 2020 Collection will be available this Saturday, online and in stores. New arrivals will hit the shelves every week so make sure to visit!