The Swish Insider: Lovely Lea from Swish Hyde Park

In today’s Swish Insider issue, we’re paying a visit to Hyde Park, SA, a leafy and intimate yet located close to the city neighbourhood in Adelaide.

There, among the finest food and high-end boutiques, you’ll find one of the Swish Fashion stores.

We spoke to Lea, the Swish Hyde Park store manager, who eagerly shared with us local tip&tricks as well as her favoured garments from the Swish store. 

Good morning Lea, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? Please tell us a couple of words about how you’ve become part of the Swish family.

I’m Lea and I am the manager of our South Australian store based in the lovely Eastern suburbs of Adelaide in Hyde Park. After working for Maggie T for 35 years I discovered Swish and encouraged Anita to open a store in Adelaide as there was a huge opportunity to fill the gap that the closure of Maggie T had left in the market. 

We opened our store just over a year ago and I was thrilled to join the Swish family and have enjoyed the challenge of establishing the brand in Adelaide and providing a superior range to our customers.


Who are your customers? Are they mostly from Adelaide or do they come from other cities as well?

We are so lucky to have wonderful customers who have embraced the Swish brand and are enjoying the broad and interesting range that we offer. Whilst most of our customers are local to Adelaide we also have many customers from rural and regional areas of South Australia who pop in to see us when they are in town. Every week we are meeting new customers, and many of our previous Maggie T customers, as more and more South Australian ladies hear about the Swish brand, usually through word of mouth from our existing happy customers!


Imagine a perfect day in your would you spend it? Would you recommend any hidden gems, known only to a local?

A perfect day for me is a sunny Adelaide day when I can relax and spend time with my wonderful husband Richard and my family. We also have a very large garden including a fruit tree orchard which keeps us pretty busy. We’re lucky that Adelaide has no shortage of fabulous cafes and restaurants (not to mention the best food and wine!), from the Local Crowd coffee shop around the corner to lazy lunches at Penfolds Magill Estate Kitchen.


Once you lock the door of the store, what do you do after work? Are you more of an outdoorsy type or do you prefer to stay in?

 Spare time after locking the store at the end of the day would be a luxury! As a very involved and busy Grandma to six beautiful grandchildren, I’m kept on my toes and always on the go, either providing ‘Grandma's taxi service’ or catering to any number of hungry kids who turn up at my dinner table...I’m sure many of our customers can relate!

 Richard and I have discovered a love of cruising and have been lucky enough to go on some fabulous Australian and International my favourite way to enjoy some relaxing downtime when I’m having a break from work. We have some more trips booked in the near future, including a cruise to New Zealand and I can’t wait!

What is your favourite piece from Swish Fashion store?

  1. 1034 Drop Side Jersey Top

  1. 1005 Jersey Slim Pant

  1. 52017 Spliced N Diced Pant

  1. 57037 Basic Dress

  1. 51051 Silk Button Shirt

  1. 57015 Field Of Flowers Tunic